Donald Trump in Las Vegas

Donald Trump expressed deep concern over the current state of the United States, particularly the rise in crime rates, during his speech.

He held the Democrats responsible for this increase, blaming their policies for enabling criminal behavior.


– Trump criticized the Democrats’ approach to law enforcement, particularly their support for defunding the police and limiting their authority. He stressed that this weakens the police force and hinders their ability to enforce law and order.


– He emphasized the link between drug trafficking and crime, stating that strict drug policies are necessary to curb crime rates. He accused the Democrats of being too lenient on drug offenses.


– Trump called out the media, particularly what he referred to as the “liberal, fake news media,” for their criticism of his strong stance on law and order.


– He cited crime rates in cities like New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and Washington DC as evidence of the Democrats’ failure to maintain law and order.


– He called for the restoration of “qualified immunity” for police officers, a policy that shields them from lawsuits, and urged the return of surplus military equipment to police departments.


– Trump lamented over the state of the US border, criticizing the Biden administration for reversing the progress made during his presidency. He called for the deportation of criminal illegal aliens and non-citizens.


– He advocated for the election of “America First Republicans” at every level, arguing that they are the key to restoring law and order, and specifically endorsing Sheriff Joe Lombardo for governor and Adam Laxalt for senator in Nevada.


– In conclusion, Trump argued that law and order are essential for maintaining the “American promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” and vowed to fight against the “radical left assault on law and order.”


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