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World Speech Day 2023

Shared Ideas for a Better World

From climate change to global poverty, to wars and energy crises – it can sometimes feel as though we look out on a world beset by insurmountable problems. But if we believe in humanity, if we believe in the pursuit of happiness and progress for the common good, we will also recognise that we have the tools to meet all these challenges. We have compassion. We have hope. We have ideas – we can imagine new ways to live and come together, new vistas onto a brighter future. Our shared ideas can build a better world. All it takes is a voice: one voice.

What is World Speech Day?

World Speech Day is a day dedicated to celebrating speeches and speech making through live public speaking events across the world. Over 100 nations now hold World Speech Day events. Make a speech, share your ideas, connect to a growing community of global citizens everywhere.

World Speech Day

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Anyone can host a WSD event. Find a space in your school, college, community hall, or office: wherever! Even in a cafe! Release the power of speech making around you. All you need to do is join us!

Everyone has ideas. And everyone can have a voice on World Speech Day. Just one voice can change everything. We reach out to #unexpectedvoices across the globe.