The Greene School, West Palm Beach, Florida at WSD 2022

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World Speech Day 2022

A NEW HARMONY - The theme for WSD speeches and events

A New Harmony can inspire on many levels:

Personal – finding reconciliation after personal trauma or loss; finding one’s own path; coming to terms with who you are

Social –  the urgent need to find a new harmony with nature and our planet – through radical new forms of sustainable development

Technology – a new harmony with A.I. that will allow us to use the benefits by greater alliance and interdependence – for example AI in motor cars and the concept of V to X , vehicle to everything and everything to vehicle

Political  – a new harmony among nations and between parties to seek new ways for common good, to seek new ways to solve pressing developments such the movement refugees and the displacement of societies

Individual – a new harmony that allows us to look for what’s in it for us, rather than what’s in it for me

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What is World Speech Day?

World Speech Day is a day dedicated to celebrating speeches and speech making through live public speaking events across the world. Over 100 nations now hold World Speech Day events. Make a speech, share your ideas, connect to a growing community of global citizens everywhere.

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