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World Speech Day 2024

World Speech Day 2024

Ideas for a Better

The theme for this year is “Ideas for a Better“. While it may sound unconventional, quirky even, there’s a story behind it. The inspiration comes from Lagos, Nigeria. 
The original theme for WSD was “Ideas for a Better World” – but with a twist of genius the event organisers in Lagos reimagined this as “Ideas for a Better Lagos”. This localised touchpoint was not only a hit among speakers of all abilities, it also attracted extensive media coverage across Lagos and Nigeria. The success? Rooting the event in local relevance, ensuring the speeches resonated, and advocated tangible community-led changes. It’s easy for the press to report speeches that provoke comment or debate with their readers/viewers.
So our theme for this year picks up on that early success – and gives you the opportunity to build an event around a community you are part of or champion – that could be locally, or it could be a community of common interests: in tech’, or the environment or LGBT rights, or whatever. For instance, “Ideas for a Better” London… or “Ideas for a Better” World for Women. It’s up to you.

What is World Speech Day?

World Speech Day, 15th March,  is a day dedicated to celebrating speeches and speech making through live public speaking events across the world. Over 100 nations now hold World Speech Day events. Make a speech, share your ideas, connect to a growing community of global citizens everywhere.

World Speech Day

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Anyone can host a WSD event. Find a space in your school, college, community hall, or office: wherever! Even in a cafe! Release the power of speech making around you. All you need to do is join us!

Everyone has ideas. And everyone can have a voice on World Speech Day. Just one voice can change everything. We reach out to #unexpectedvoices across the globe.